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Published: 28th December 2010
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Web Grabber

The businesses generally use the copy and paste methods to capture and save content from targeted web sites. Employees spend countless hours copying, pasting, and re-formatting text, images, and other data from thousands of web pages thus resulting in countless errors and significant wastage of time and money. To meet these problems of content extraction from targeted websites web grabber tools can be the best solution. The web grabbers are the data extraction tools that provide fully-automated web data extraction that eliminates the time, mistakes, and expenses associated with manually finding, collecting, and saving web content. They also provide facility for storing the extracted documents in any database like excel,csv,mysql,mssql or any other data base of one’s choice.

Now-a-days one can find web grabber applications which can download the entire directory, entire websites and even spider. Equipped with features for automatic and speed data collection, these website grabber tools are generally used for extracting complex and huge amounts of time critical data from different web sites on the internet. Also known as web page grabbers, these data extracting tools are used to grab videos, files, content and images from web pages and files from the web. These web grabbing tools can be either down loaded from internet or can be got from the web data extraction solutions providers like scrappingexpert.com. The web data grabber services offered by scrapping expert provide for not only extracting websites, directories and but also to copy the same topic from various web pages from different websites and referencing each other.

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